Our story


sophie dundas

Founder and Creative Director

Sophie Dundas began designing and making clothes over 16 years ago. Ever since then has been building up an ever-growing following for her stunning, easy-to-wear vintage style tea dresses, skirts and shirts. Currently the new 2019 Autumn & Winter Collection features a range of beautiful velvets and new ‘Stella’ and ‘Dora’ shirts as well as new designs on the classic ‘Lily’ and ‘Isla’ dresses.

The fabrics that she sources for her dresses come in small quantities and are of the highest quality. Each season Sophie releases a limited number of new fabric designs. As a result, there is only ever a limited number of dresses available in each print so you will never see scores of the same dress.



Production & ethics

Sophie Dundas creates a beautiful range of easy-to-wear clothes in her signature styles that she has been developing over the past few years. She prides herself on producing long-lasting and unique clothes that are made of the highest quality material.

Sophie is proud to work alongside a family of sisters in Hanoi, Vietnam. This small women’s co-operative oversees the production of her collection. They work with local women, some of whom live outside Hanoi, who sew the dresses in their homes. Building outstanding personal relationships with these suppliers is vital and helps to provide a strong and positive future for the women.



where to buy

As well as taking order requests online, Sophie runs a number of small shows throughout the year as well as attending a selected range of fairs. These provide an opportunity to get styling advice from Sophie and to try on the clothes. If you would like to find out more about where to find our collection and to be the first to know about new items, please sign up to our mailing list by subscribing below!

If you have any further questions about our production and collection, please feel free to get in touch!